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Learn Spanish - Survival Guide

This podcast is about learning to speak Spanish in every day practical situations. There are pauses for you to repeat what you hear and the more difficult words and phrases are broken down for correct pronunciation and grammar. There are songs, games and other activities to make your learning enjoyable and help you retain what you have learned. We are the first podcast using this style of teaching, and with a state certified professional Spanish teacher, you know you're in good hands. So subscribe today and get started with your learning.
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Aug 31, 2007
Hi Everybody,

I wanted to post these notes in the show description as well for you. 
You can and will improve your Spanish by applying these simple steps into your everyday routine!  Enjoy!

Watch more Spanish television programs
Watch DVD's in Spanish
Watch Cartoons in Spanish
Read children's books in Spanish
Listen to the radio on your commute in Spanish
Use the website to communicate with native speakers!
Send a text message to Google at 46645 for translations. 
Don't forget to go to iTunes and leave a 5 star rating! 
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    Margaret writes, "I am allergic to substances used in very, very many shoes as are an increasing number of people. "When it first happened to me, I thought I must be crazy. ? Bought a new pair of walking shoes, wore them for one hour with socks on my treadmill, and afterward the skin on the tops of my toes and feet felt irritated and itchy. ? I wore those shoes a total of three one hour stints, resulting in the tops and soles of my feet feeling chemically burned and incredibly itchy. "For weeks, whenever my feet got hot, the intense burning and itching returned, making my feet feel like I'd been stung by bees. ? Since that initial acute reaction, I have developed reactions to many of my other shoes that had not previously bothered me to a noticeable degree. "Thinking I must be nuts, I Googled "shoe allergy" and found that I am not crazy and I am not alone. ? I found a forum of people all discussing shoe allergies [url=]cheap team soccer jerseys[/url] and a list of the most common allergens, which include glues, dyes, tanning chemicals, rubber accelerators, etc. "My dermatologist had a "shoe kit" and tested me for all the most common culprits, but we?didn't?find what substance s I am allergic to. ? He said he could continue testing with a longer list, but [url=]cheap team soccer jerseys[/url] it would be expensive and then there is the problem?that shoe manufacturers?can't usually tell you or guarantee you?what is or is not used in any given shoe, anyway. "Now, ?every single pair of shoes I buy, whether?athletic shoes, dress shoes, ?sandals, etc., I have to buy them, wear them around inside for several?hours, and try to determine if my feet are going to react. ? Sadly, most shoes do cause a reaction, and?then I have to return them and start over. ? Margaret. " I myself have had a wide variety of allergies. ? I found several research studies that confirmed that people have allergies to a wide variety of adhesives, rubber chemicals, and leather treatments used in shoes and insoles. ? Often, the allergy produces contact dermatitis. ? As Margaret points out, this can be painful and distressing. ? Ultimately, you have to learn how to avoid the chemical that is causing it. ? Bec

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    He still holds the school record in passing yards and hasn’t ever had the benefit of extensive playing in Art Briles’ system.The Rose Bowl loss to Texas is the only time Carroll has lost [url=]cheap nike nfl jerseys[/url] a bowl game from 2002 to the present."Twitter wasn;t as big as it is now," Frere said, chuckling.Texas maintained its 3-0 lead over the Cowboys when Hubert Anyiam dropped a potential touchdown pass at the Cowboys' end zone.The Red Raiders stuck with Texas last week until deep in the fourth quarter when turnovers and penalties finally caught up with them.5 35 .Taylor's Facebook page indicated that he was hurt in a fight, the Kansas City Star reported.

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    Teachers who will be at the event include Alan Finger, John Schumacher, and Judith Lyon.I love John.We would even argue that the paper is exhibiting smart editorial and business sense by so prominently featuring yoga, a practice enjoyed by some 15 million Americans.Wii Fit, with the Wii Balance Board, retails for about $90.

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    Stick with feelings and stay grounded in your body.Her sweet,ethereal renditions of 20;Om Namah Shivaya,21; 20;Hare Krishna,21; and 20;AhamPrema21; leave you feeling that17;s she17;s an instrument through which flowsthe very breath of god.But you won17;t find any scathing reviews of yoga teachers on YogaCity NYC—just reviews of classes writers have found worthwhile.We asked Lee to share some of the insights she discovered as she wrote the book.Georg would stay with me occasionally when he came to use the University of California Berkeley library, he helped me get my first book published with Shambhala, and he brought me on as Associate Director when he opened the Yoga Research and Education Center.By centering the body and paying attention to the breath, children and teens report that they feel more in control and calm.It sure does beat trying to squeeze in a pose or two in a very public lobby in front of your gate.20;In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that was published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal, Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing (October 2007) it was found that one ounce of Intentional Chocolate per day for three days increased subjects’ well-being, vigor and energy by an average of 67 percent and, in some cases, up to 1,000 percent, when compared to a control group.Following the announcement, news surfaced that Lululemon17;s chairman and founder Dennis 20;Chip21; Wilson sold off $50 million worth of shares just four days prior.Thousands of mats covered the streets [url=]lululemon outlet vancouver[/url] in Times Square and shut down the city center in order to salute the sun and share a concrete-penetrating AUM!
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    ave my leg locked straight out with my toe pointed down. My leg is locked, and when I contact the football it's going to be toe down, leg extended. The follow through is very important in the kick. When you come through the follow through, you don't want to come in and stop. Make sure that when you kick the football that you are following through towards the target. And that's how you kick a field goal. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit About. com. Back to Video Cleats are sports shoes that are specifically designed for field sports such as soccer, football and baseball. Sports cleats have small plastic spikes on the bottom of the shoes that improve traction in grass and dirt and help prevent slips and falls while making quick starts, stops and turns on the field. Sports cleats are designed specifically for the demands of the sport, [url=]cheap usa soccer jerseys[/url] and it's important to wear a cleated shoe that is made for the sport you intend to play. Types of Sports Cleats [url=]authentic soccer jerseys cheap[/url] The two basic types of sports cleats include: Molded Plastic Cleats These cleats have plastic spikes or studs arranged in various patterns on the bottom of the shoe. They are versatile and can be used on different field types and in all weather conditions. Detachable cleats Detachable cleats are designed with metal spikes that can be removed so you can match the right length and width of spike for the condition of both the weather and the field. Most experts recommend that recreational players wear molded plastic cleats due to a higher risk of injury with detachable metal spikes. The metal cleats offer a superior grip and better traction, which has been linked with more ACL injuries and ankle sprains. Leather or Synthetic Sports Cleats? Sports cleats come in both leather and synthetic materials. Leather is generally preferred because it molds to your foot, breathes well and doesn't cut or chafe. But if you play in wet weather conditions, synthetic materials may last longer and keep you drier. Newer synthetic sports cleats are more available and generally less expensive, so if you are growing or wear out cleats quickly, you may be better off with synthet

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    2:05 [url=]cheap usa soccer jerseys[/url] pm 227 laura says: hey [url=]cheap youth soccer jerseys[/url] i am 13 aswell maybe we could start talking? December 22, 2010 at 12:00 am 228 Secrets says: Well it depends. Give yourself time. If your attraction to girls fades away, then it doesn't. As well, like Sam comment 3 said, it also depends on your attraction to guys . And no, it is NOT all about sex! December 23, 2010 at 3:49 pm 229 Cassidy says: I am lesbian, and proud of it. I have sex with other women on a regular basis, and now am engaged with my girlfriend. December 26, 2010 at 6:22 pm 230 Debbie says: Hey Help? Im 14 And A Girl i have no idea if im lesbian or not the thing is i dont want to be: I Have never had a crush on a girl in my life! like at school i never see a girl and be all oh im in love with her :L i loveee boy's Like Hot boy's you know :L but i watch lesbian porn and i allways end up masturbating to it! so what'sup with me? Help? Out Demi x January 7, 2011 at 12:31 am 231 Mallory says: Hi im 12 and i dont know whether im bi or whatever all i no is i think i like my best friend! : But shes strait. If i am lez, how do i tell my parents? I dont think im lez but 8230 . I fantisize 8230 : Help! January 14, 2011 at 12:04 pm 232 Jess says: I am 15, and like most people i am kind of confused about my sexuality Which is normal 8230 8230 8230 . People need to understand that is is normal to be confused. But the one thing that has shocked me is al the 12 and 13 year olds saying they have done more than just kiss with boys and girls. You are only kids 8230 . Yous should wait, grow up and have fun while you still can. Dont stress you have the rest of you life to worry about it. Also how do you know that your straight friends arent thinking the exactly same as you are? Like i have said already, Slow down, dont stress Hope that has helped everyone January 18, 2011 at 3:08 pm 233 Becca says: Hi my names becca, Im thirteen years old and I'm beginning to question my own sexuality 8230 since I can remember I've been attracted To girls. But I've never really admitted it to anybody. A few months ago me and my friend kissed, it was amazing and I've been attracted to her

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    ing to take a bit of patience but it can be done. First, mix a solution of oxygen based bleach OxiClean, Clorox 2, Country Save Bleach, Purex 2 Color Safe Bleach and water. Never use chlorine bleach. Just follow the package directions for the mixture pletely submerge the trousers and allow them to soak overnight. Check the stained area. If the stains are gone, wash as usual. If the stains remain, mix a new solution and soak again. The stains should eventually fade. Good luck. Ask a Laundry Question Fort Dix is located in parts of New Hanover Township, Pemberton Township, and Springfield Township, in Burlington County, New Jersey. Fort Dix is located about 17 miles southeast of New Jersey's capital, Trenton. It s a fence line with McGuire Air Force Base and the Naval Air Engineering Station in Lakehurst, NJ. Driving Directions: From New York and Northern New Jersey N. J. Turnpike South to Exit 7 Route 206 South go to second traffic light about 1 2 mile to Route 68 left fork from Route 206. Route 68 will provide entrance to the SSG Terry Hemingway Reception Center. From Delaware and Southern New Jersey N. J. Turnpike North to Exit 7 Fort Dix Route 206 South go to second traffic light about 1 2 mile to Route 68 left fork from Route 206. Route 68 will provide entrance to the SSG Terry Hemingway Reception Center. From Philadelphia Take Walt Whitman Bridge to I 295 N, travel to Exit 40 Route 38 East, toward Mt. Holly. Follow 38 through Mt. Holly and across Route 206 to Pemberton. Make a left in Pemberton sign says To Military Bases [url=]Wholesale soccer jerseys[/url] on Route 616 to the SSG Terry Hemingway Reception Center. From Northern Pennsylvania Take Pennsylvania Turnpike to New Jersey Turnpike Take New Jersey Turnpike North to Exit 7 Fort Dix Route 206 South go to second traffic light about 1 2 mile to Route 68. Route 68 will provide entrance to the SSG Terry Hemingway Reception Center. Shore Points and East. Take Route 70 West to Route 539. Turn onto [url=]cheap football shirts[/url] Route 539 North. Travel seven miles and turn left on Long Swamp Road. Travel four miles along Long Swamp Road and turn left onto Bunting Bridge Road. Follow Bunting Bridge Road for two

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    jor trophy since 1970, while he also helped them qualify for the [url=]Wholesale soccer jerseys[/url] Champions League. The quality of Balotelli s performances in the 2011 12 season were a marked improvement as he helped the club to their first title since 1968. His two goals in the memorable 6 1 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford contributed to an overall haul of 18 for the season. However, his off the pitch misdemeanours continued, while several rash tackles and accusations of a lack of application prompted many questions about his long term future at the club. International Career: Balotelli rejected the opportunity to play for Ghana on the eve of his 17th birthday because of his determination to represent the country of his birth. Once he had obtained Italian citizenship, coach Pierluigi Casiraghi called him up for the under 21 side and he turned out regularly for the Azzurrini before finally making his senior debut in a friendly against the Ivory Coast at Upton Park in August 2010. Euro 2012 was a roaring success for Balotelli as he helped Italy reach the final. He scored three times in the tournament including twice against Germany in the semi finals, but the striker was left in tears after failing to ent his side going down to a 4 0 defeat to Spain in the final. The Nitty Gritty by Deborah W. Crisfield The goalkeeper is [url=]cheap football shirts online[/url] so important that the position is set apart from the rest of the positions in three ways: 1. The goalkeeper wears a different uniform. 2. She gets to touch the ball with her hands. 3. She gets her own chapter in this book. Fancy Clothes The goalkeeper has the greatest uniform 8212. it doesn't have to match anything. In fact, it is required to be a different color from the shirts of the field players on both teams. Sometimes, it's just a bright color, but many keepers today love to wear something a little wilder, with swirls or tie dye designs or even a bull's eye. FUN FACT Elbow Protection Most keeper shirts are long sleeved because it allows them to have some padding in the elbow. There are three reasons behind the keeper's wild shirt: 1. The first and most important reason is that the referee has

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    Charalambides' midfield partner Gustavo Manduca added: "This night for me is a miracle.?The game was tough. The cold was something we weren't used to but as time went on we grew more confident.?I never imagined that this success would happen when I arrived in Cyprus. I always hoped that I could play in the Champions League but to go through is a big plus."
    Jovanovic said: "I am the happiest man in the world right now. We have achieved something which three months ago we had no right to even dream of.This is a crowning moment for all the effort we have made since the summer, a crowning moment for all [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] those associated with the club.
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    "We knew coming into the game that we would be playing against a team that likes to attack. Of course they wanted to [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] win, which is normal, but defending is also part of the game and especially in our case, as this is the result we needed.However, over the course of the group we have not always looked to defend. Normally we try to attack and show everyone what we can do. This is the greatest moment of everyone's life in our team tonight."
    Midfielder Constantinos Charalambides was still coming to terms with the size of APOEL's achievement.He told "This is the biggest day and the biggest moment in the history of this football club. I don't think anyone has really realised what has happened, especially as we were in such a tough group.

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    The Baggies have taken 13 points from eight games since Hodgson took over, a run of form which has convinced the veteran Englishman that major changes will not be necessary when the summer [url=]authentic soccer jerseys[/url] transfer window opens. I will be happier if we get players that will make everyone else sit up and look over their shoulder and worry about their first team place. Roy Hodgson, WBA manager.
    "But I will be happier if we get players that will make everyone else sit up and look over their shoulder [url=]authentic soccer jerseys[/url] and worry about their first team place. I'd rather that than bringing in players who will fill up the numbers."
    >West Bromwich Albionmanager Roy [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] Hodgson ruled out a sweeping restructuring of his squad on Thursday after overseeing a revival [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] that has virtually guaranteed the Baggies Premier League survival.
    "I don't want to say too much until I get the chance to talk to the chairman (Jeremy Peace)," Hodgson said. "But, if it was up to me, I would not want to make wholesale changes in the summer."
    "Of course, some will be necessary because [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] I'm certain some players will leave which will leave gaps that need to be filled.
    Hodgson, sacked by Liverpool earlier this year after only six months in charge, replaced Roberto Di Matteo in February.

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    Raw Cut: Johnny Rozsa’s New Photography Book ELLE
    Raw Cut: Johnny Rozsa’s New Photography BookOctober 13 4:00 PMby Genevieve Bahrenburg 0 Comments Leigh Bowery and Trojan. Photo: Johnny Rosza. "I have two favorite images in my book. The first is the photograph of Leigh Bowery and Trojan," says celebrity photographer Johnny Rozsa about his debut retrospective, Untouched, which [url=]coach factory[/url] is launching alongside his first New York solo exhibition at Christopher Henry Gallery on Friday. "When I met them, in the mid 80′s, they were so unbelievably different. They were wandering around London, day and night, looking like Krishna on acid. Looking back [url=]coach factory online[/url] now, they were creating an iconic fashion tsunami. They were a huge influence on the biggest fashion designers of the last ten years, because they fused art and fashion, [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] and they broke barriers in hemlines and silhouettes, and in make up as well. Because they looked so beyond outrageous, I felt the best way to capture them was in an Avedon-style bland background, so their uniqueness would jump out. That image has stood the test of time." In Untouched, which includes introductory comments by Susan Sarandon, Rozsa (who's been photographing pop culture luminaries since 1975) shows very private and intimate sides of some the world's most public personalities. We get a glimpse of Halle Berry mooning the camera, a loving moment between Ryan O'Neal and [url=]coach factory[/url] Farah Fawcett, a [url=]coach factory[/url] freckled Daryl Hannah, and candid, un-Photoshopped portraits of stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jade Jagger, Natasha Richardson, Geena Davis, Whitney Huston, Snoop Dogg, Johnny Rotten and Rick James. Angelica Huston. Photo: Johnny Rosza. "The other image I am fond of is the Angelica Huston," says Rozsa. "She had been a terribly successful model, having been photographed by all [url=]coach factory outlet online[/url] the hugest photographers in New York, Paris and London. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot her in my studio in LA. I emulated the lighting of the great Hollywood photographers of the Thirties and Forties, using huge tungsten lights, to bring out the drama in her unusual, quirky beauty. I wanted to capture movement and drama in stark black and white and somehow present her as the Hollywood Royalty that she has become." Mission accomplished Johnny. Tags: Halle berry angelica huston Leigh Bowery susan sarandon Johnny Rosza
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    Natural These types of coming out and about Minnesota. The Green bay packers arrived on the scene along with the last claw in the Viking time and having Coach Brad Childress dismissed. Brett Farve has to be thinking I ought to possess heard my own

    psychic as well as remained house for the ranch.
    Zoysia finding its way back against Cincinnati. The bank notes rallied for any very good win on the highway. The particular Bengals are very negative that nobody is observing Ocho Cinco or perhaps Capital t.E. truth tv programs.
    Tampa Fresh above San Francisco. The particular Buccaneers would be the National football league unsung team. Really bad these people be in the Football toughest split. The actual 49ers are now the best contender for you to terrain Stanford trainer John Harbaugh.
    New Orleans over San antonio. The particular Seahawks went back to their unaggressive zombie methods along with lose on the highway yet again. The Saints are pleased because they needed the light exercise before you go to Dallas, tx with regard to christmas.
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    Overland park beating State of arizona. The particular Chiefs carry on their house discipline prominence by thrashing your Cardinals. The Cardinals have become regretting that they let Matt Leinart proceed.
    New England Patriots conquering the particular Gambling. It turned out yet another traditional matchups in between opponents clubs and excellent quarterbacks. The Patriots along with Ben Brady merely slowly routine game titles straight into syndication. Brady only dinks as well as dunks along the field as well as the manage Patriots which has a operating online game simply by board lead by Benjarvus Green-Ellis and also Danny Woodhead merely provides the job done. They aren't elegant but extremely effective. Brady executed the particular offense to perfection. He does not switch the actual soccer ball over along with arrived make massive performs as he has to. Your Patriots unpleasant range governed the quick defensive entrance from the Colts and also retained these away Brady for the most part. The particular younger Patriot security performed properly for several quarters regardless of to not get sacks in opposition to Manning. They pressured him all through along with pressure brought on the past interception through Manning. A reason for dilemma is the Patriots manage to lack a new great impulse. They ought to have buried the Colts right after increasing by simply 17 in the next quarter. That they allow the Colts and Manning back into the game and also nearly dropping simply by actively playing soft insurance coverage in the last 1 / 4. Bill Belichick is often a protecting wizard yet which protective method almost price these people the overall game, a game title they will governed in excess of seventy-five per cent. They really should have acquired pressure upon Manning. They was extremely lucky that will Manning used the actual overdue interception.
    Chicago, il shutting out there Las vegas. The Has create a habit of winning unsightly. Eventhough it aids when the Sharks run the actual golf ball only several times with one third chain quarterback called Tyler Thigpen who is not precisely David Marino. Maybe the Dolphin trainers needed his or her jogging back to have fresh thighs to get a southerly seashore end of the week.
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